About FLSM

The Finger Lakes School of Massage offers 1,000-hour, New York state-approved holistic massage therapy training at two New York campuses. Students can choose our seven-month, full-time program or 23-month, part-time program to receive their New York massage therapy certification.


Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

An Aromatherapy Massage is a massage session with the addition of highly concentrated plant oils, called Essential Oils. These oils are usually added directly to the massage oil or lotion during the treatment and have both aromatic and therapeutic benefits for the client. Essential oils are distilled from a plant’s flowers, leaves, stalks, bark, rind, [...]

Top 5 REASONS to visit our Finger Lakes School of Massage Gift Shop!

One of the best kept secrets at Finger Lakes School of Massage is the beautiful bookstore/café/ gift shop, which is open to the public. Myra Oney, the retail manager at our Kisco branch, alongside our retail specialists, Rachel and Jeany, have transformed what used to be a quick stop for a coffee or afternoon chocolate [...]

Superfoods are Trending!

When you walk into any modern supermarket you’ll likely see thousands of labels shouting claims of good health: Superfoods! Powerfoods! Whole grains! No trans fats! Essential vitamins and minerals!

The term “superfood” is defined as a food considered beneficial to your health. In other words, a superfood is a food that when added to [...]

Welcome to the new FLSM Blog!

Welcome to the blog for the Finger Lakes School of Massage.  We have campuses in Ithaca New York, and Mount Kisco New York, and on this chilly February day I am happy to be cozy and warm inside the Ithaca school!  The warmth here goes beyond the heating system, however – there is an openness [...]